Dinner With The Doctor

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Dates:  August 25, September, 22, and October 27 @ 1 p.m.


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Dinner with the Doctor featuring special physician lecturers on a variety of topics and a healthy

, plant-based dinner. This 3 part series will start on August 25 and will continue through the

month of October.


Dinner with the Doctor is a unique, whole-foods, plant-based program that will teach you how to fuel your body to

achieve the best possible health. Our program offers the most up-to-date scientific research

in food medicine so you can avoid and even reverse lifestyle diseases like obesity, type 2

diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease. The right foods can do more to

restore and improve your health than any medicine or supplement.


Our goal is to give you all the facts and resources you need to make an informed decision to start living your healthiest life ever! And you’ll get all the delicious, nutritious recipes you need to be on your way to a healthy new you! 

Dinner with the Doctor programs are being conducted in many locations across the country and even in Europe. All the resources you need to begin this lifestyle, either for yourself or with a group, are included in the Dinner with the Doctor package.

Good health is a precious gift. You don’t have to be a victim of your genes or a product of today’s fast-food lifestyle. You can enjoy delicious foods that will heal diseases, help you lose excess weight and put you on the path to a fulfilling, vibrant life. Start living that life today!

Dates:  August 25, September, 22, and October 27 @ 1 p.m.




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